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Image Hollyoaks


Release Date 2022-01-20
Runtime 30 minutes
Genres Soap
Stars Nick Pickard, Jessica Fox, Claire Cooper, Guy Burnet

The daily soap that follows the loves, lives and misdemeanours of a group of people living in the Chester village of Hollyoaks where anything could, and frequently does, happen...

1. Mon 03 Jan 2022


There's a shocking update in Misbah's case against Ali. Maxine takes matters into her own hands. Ollie has a change of heart and Charlie makes a discovery.

2. Tue 04 Jan 2022


A blackmailed threatens to expose a dark secret stops Warren in his tracks. Maxine comes to a realisation. Misbah supports a patient and Scott moves forward with his fostering application.

3. Wed 05 Jan 2022


Can Scott make a good impression on an important visitor? Maxine is pleased when Warren stands up for her, but will a secret confession be revealed? Maya overhears a damning conversation.

4. Thu 06 Jan 2022


Maya is betrayed by the one person she trusted. A shocking secret is revealed as Olivia and Goldie go head-to-head. Juliet has marriage on her mind. Mercedes is concerned about her son.

5. Fri 07 Jan 2022


It's the day of the Dee Valley Heroes event, and a flash forward reveals the shocking future that awaits the residents of Hollyoaks. Becky plans her most shocking protest yet and Mercedes organises a family meeting and makes a big announcement.

6. Mon 10 Jan 2022


A flashback to the morning of the Dee Valley Heroes fundraiser reveals another piece to the puzzle of the village's future. Meanwhile, Prince is in shock and Maya plays a deadly game.

7. Tue 11 Jan 2022


There's another revealing flashback to recent events. In the present day, Mercedes panics when her son goes missing. Toby prepares to make a shattering revelation. Yazz lets slip a secret.

8. Wed 12 Jan 2022


The Dee Valley Heroes event at the Salon de The ends in flames and threatens.the lives of many Hollywood residents, as sparks fly and love is rekindled. Among the chaos, Toby and Celeste finally get their comeuppance.

9. Thu 13 Jan 2022


Guilt overwhelms Ollie as he fears that he and Becky might have been responsible. One of the McQueens is missing and a chilling flashback reveals the sinister truth. Martine has to break some.devastating news and tragedy strikes the Nightingales.

10. Fri 14 Jan 2022


As she tries to keep busy, Sally is the driving force behind the community hub. Nancy questions whether Maya was behind the tragedy. Ollie sees an opportunity to get a ahead of the police investigation. Martine makes a drastic decision.

11. Mon 17 Jan 2022


Flashbacks reveal the truth about recent events. James direct his anger at one villager. Sienna is on a mission. Scott encourages Damon to come clean after he ends up in a tricky situation.

12. Tue 18 Jan 2022


One resident is forced to act fast when an incriminating secret comes under threat. Sienna and Ste make a big discovery. Shaq and Verity are tricked into spending time together. Damon gets a dangerous offer as he tries to clear his debts.

13. Wed 19 Jan 2022


After making a discovery, Verity tries to convince Shaq to come clean. Damon discovers if his big gamble has paid off. Ethan's behavior takes a sinister turn. Donna-Marie flourishes in her new job.

14. Thu 20 January 2022


Shaq gets a harsh wakeup call and turns to Theresa for reassurance. Warren wants to take the next step in his relationship. Sienna and Ste butt heads. Tom tries to relight his spark with Yazz.

15. Fri 21 Jan 2022


Up to her old tricks, Yazz file a prank on Tom, but the laughs are short lived. Meanwhile, Misbah makes her case with Verity, Ste must think fast, and there is a shocking confession.

16. Mon 24 Jan 2022


Tom and Yazz's marriage hits the rocks. Puzzle catches Sid off guard. Ethan has a dangerous proposition for two villagers. Joel confides in Cleo.

17. Tue 25 Jan 2022


A heated confrontation between Warren and Sienna leads to a shocking confession. Tom faces a moral dilemma. Sid makes a major faux pas. Becky utters a horrific statement. Dave confuses Maxine.

18. Wed 26 Jan 2022


Can Cindy finally convince Ollie to break up with his dangerous girlfriend? Becky makes a shocking discovery. Cher is left reeling. Sid admits his true feelings. Warren refuses to take advice.

19. Thu 27 Jan 2022


Luke faces a ghost from his past when he bumps into a man who assaulted him years ago: how will he react? A secret is revealed in the Chen-Williams household. Yazz gets some food for thought.

20. Fri 28 Jan 2022


With Luke nowhere to be seen, Ollie blames himself and James takes another gamble. Yazz maintains her illusion of a happy marriage. Dave wants a relationship with his estranged daughter.

21. Mon 31 Jan 2022


Becky tries to use James's dangerous behaviour to her advantage. Dave has some explaining to do when his children get the wrong end of the stick. Damon decides it's time for a fresh start.